Monday, October 8, 2012

Independence: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Well, it's official. My last day with LeanDog is October 12, 2012. It has been a crazy ride and I have learned a ton along the way and have the utmost respect for Jon Stahl, Cheezy and the rest of the gang on the boat. And I look forward to continuing to work with them, if not under slightly different circumstances :D

But all good things must come to an end…and then on to more good things!

So, starting October 15th, I will be making my foray into independent consulting, operating as the business "odbox". There are a multitude of reasons for this, some of which are even sane ;) …but mostly it's the desire to live a more nomadic life for a while and accelerate my learning and experiences around Business/Software Organizational Development.

I plan on continuing to coach organizations and teams on lean/agile principles and practices as well as  round out some training materials. Also, I plan to keep speaking as that has been a great way to share what I've learned from practicing as well as a great way to meet so many new interesting people!

More excitingly, I'm also beginning to plan a professional "walkabout" that will hopefully start mid-summer 2013 and last about a year. My goal is to be able to practice with or shadow folks that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to. Of course I gotta keep whatever lights I may have on, so I will be weaving this in with coaching and training…but, if you've got a spare couch, bed or barn lemme know ;)

- Matt


  1. I wish you good luck! If you need a couch in the San Mateo, CA area, mine is available.


  2. All the best of luck, Matt. I'm still hoping our paths may cross again some day...

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes...and I'm sure they will :)

  3. Good luck, Matt!

    - Mickey at CAS

  4. Wish you the very best of luck, Matt. - Pasu