Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why I Coach

Generally I'm pretty big on people following their passions. As often as possible I also try to encourage people to try to align their lives, work and passion (work/life alignment is greater than work/life balance IMHO).

Recently however, someone asked me what *my* passions were and why I do what I do. Since I started Agile coaching, I've always felt my job was a good fit and continues to drive me closer to work/life alignment. But I'd never thought to articulate my thoughts more specifically than that…also, no one had ever asked.

I realized there are 3 things that I'm passionate about (and derive huge amounts of satisfaction from) that I get to achieve while doing the work I do:

1) improve the lives of the individuals I get to work with at the organization
2) improve the experiences of the end users who consume the software the organization produces
3) get the organization to improve a community outside itself and its end users in someway

Of course not every engagement achieves all three, but I always achieve at least one and usually two. In general, I find getting to even one is hugely rewarding.

I'm sure as I think about this more, and both broaden and deepen my experiences this list will change.

Have you thought about what drives you in your work? Can you feed your passion with your job?

I'd love to hear your stories :)


  1. Matt,
    Thank you for starting this conversation!
    I was involved in a huge discussion on Twitter yesterday about ethics and values and principles of coaching in general and agile coaching in particular.
    Good to start with Why!
    What and how should be more easy to derive from that.
    I can identify with your three statements:-)
    And I agree that alignment is key. Balance is instrumental in staying aligned, yet balance between work and life does not make sense to me. I need to be fully present with all of me, where ever I am.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Take care

  2. For me personally, I really like the problem solving aspect. It is a bonus that the business wants the problems solved as well.

    I get great satisfaction from seeing others grow through the experiences at work.

    One of the key points for me, is trying to spread the knowledge throughout the organization. This is often more difficult that solving the problem in the first place.

    Keep up the blogs!